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  • Luvdisc:

    I love your blog

  • Alomomola:

    I love you platonically

  • Jynx:

    I love you romantically

  • Smoochum:

    I want to kiss you

  • Swablu:

    I want to hug you

  • Nidoqueen:

    I want to date you

  • Nidoking:

    I want to battle you

  • Ninetales:

    You’re beautiful

  • Wooper:

    You make me smile

  • Alakazam:

    You’re really smart

  • Plusle:

    You’re an amazing friend

  • Minun:

    I wish I was your friend

  • Lopunny:

    You’re sexy

  • Scolipede:

    I don't like you

  • Smeargle:

    I love your art

  • Unown:

    I love your writing

  • Meloetta:

    I love your music

  • Cubchoo:

    You’re gross

  • Swirlix:

    You’re really sweet

  • Eevee:

    You’re one of my favourite people

  • Sylveon:

    You’re my best friend

  • Arceus:

    I worship you

  • Togekiss:

    I think you’re a great optimist

  • Phantump:

    I think you’re a great pessimist

  • Pichu:

    You’re really cute

  • Shaymin:

    I am grateful to know you

  • Metagross:

    I want to get to know you more

  • Dwebble:

    I wish I could talk to you but am too shy

  • Darkrai:

    You’re my worst nightmare

  • Exploud:

    You scare me

  • Bibarel:

    You’re silly

  • Audino:

    You make me blush

  • Absol:

    Your blog is a disaster

  • Slowking:

    You’re wise

  • Zoroark:

    You should post more pictures of yourself

  • Porygon:

    You should post more


Anonymous asked:

how many grapes do you think you could fit in your mouth bc i remember 8th grade and you had like 80 grapes and then had to spit them all out and kristin puked

Haha yeah more like 50 but same dif.

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